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Franto Kormanak | composer

My feeling is that whatever you throw at Franto … he throws back a piece of puzzle that’s been missing. Not only is he a very professional and skilled musician, the most important factor – which I value the most – is that he feels the emotion and context of story, always trying to build upon what’s already working. I highly value his opinion. After couple of movies we’ve done together, I started involving him in pre-production phases as well.

Martin Kazimir

Franto is a wonderful musician, talented and skillful, but more importantly – he’s blessed with a rare talent for narrative storytelling. The way he feels the story, emotions, changing rhythms and moods is just pin sharp precise. He’s a true creative collaborator and a very disciplined professional. I only have objection regarding Franto’s work: whatever we agree upon, he delivers even better!!

Daniel Rihák