My feeling is that whatever you throw at Franto … he throws back a piece of puzzle that’s been missing. Not only is he a very professional and skilled musician, the most important factor – which I value the most – is that he feels the emotion and context of story, always trying to build upon what’s already working. I highly value his opinion. After couple of movies we’ve done together, I started involving him in pre-production phases as well.

Martin Kazimir

Franto is a wonderful musician, talented and skillful, but more importantly – he’s blessed with a rare talent for narrative storytelling. The way he feels the story, emotions, changing rhythms and moods is just pin sharp precise. He’s a true creative collaborator and a very disciplined professional. I only have objection regarding Franto’s work: whatever we agree upon, he delivers even better!!

Daniel Rihák

Co-operation with Franto was the right decision. He handled even unconventional music requests. He understood assignments from an amateur, who did not know the right terms at all and he created an original music, precisely according to the conceptions which I could not even name.

Martin Machálik

In my opinion, when you are making a lyric movie about death and feries, the most important thing for you is music. Before I contacted Franto, I was desperate because I needed emotions and I did not have any, only nice scenes. Thanks to Franto I was capable to make something extraordinary. With Death walks the Hope was my debut and I’m glad, that I was so lucky to meet Franto and let him to accentuate my work.
Our communications was flawless and I certainly want to work with him again.
Keď so Smrťou kráča nádej

Pavel Chodúr

I really appreciate the way we end up having the music for ‘Na Slovensku Notu’ videos. And also the way of communicating with Franto about all those little changes needed for perfect fit of video and audio.
Na slovenskú nôtu

Ondrej Volko

My very good friend recomended me Franto for my short Master film entitled Ružové slnko pre Zuzanu (A Rose Tinted Sun for Susan). Franto created music for one part of dream sequences in this film. I was very satisfied with his work, he was very flexible and willing to do what I really wanted.
Ružové slnko pre Zuzanu

Monika Lošťáková

We were very satisfied working with Franto. He was flexible, he was always available and trying his best to make adjustmest to the music based on our feedback. He easily met our technical requirements and produced music suiting the game very well.
Emporea | Trainstation

Martin Jasher - Pixel Federation

The goal was to create nice&short documentary video for children. The story shows how the trophy was created. Franto understood both the author and the audience very well and supported the movie with a sensitive and playful mini soundtrack. The music matched the video perfectly without any corrections from my side. Pure satisfaction…
Olompiada | Hockey Trophy

Juraj Výboh