There are many resources available for composers these times. If you have studied composing or not I believe everyone (not only composers) should study what they want to be good at. I don’t mean attending university, just reading, listening about skill you want to enhance and of course practicing it as often as possible. Here is resource list of resources for composers I have found interesting divided into few categories

  • Daily Film Scoring Bits – really informative daily tips for every composer. I’m looking forward for every new tip from Robin Hoffmann each day
  • Ask Robin Hoffmann If you have any question for Robin, you can ask him here. There is lot of questions and answers already for you to read
  • Composer Focus

Online courses and Private lessons

Score sheets analysis

Forums and Communities

Live Musicians

Free Music Software or Music Software Deals

Hopefully you have found at least one new resource here. If you have any recommendation for interesting resource for composer, which you have not found here, I would be glad if you can leave link in comments, so I can update resource list and check something new. Thank you.