Keď so Smrťou kráča nádej

With Death walks the Hope is a lyric movie about a man with cancer and his last journey to his memories about his grandpa, who has taught him everything. It is a magical story about Death, which is our companion on our last journey and also about mystical inhabitants of forest – the Feries. They protect the forest and everyone who has a good heart. The story does not need to explain why the things work for the main character the way they work. It is simply about understanding, beauty and memories, which determine our lives. It is the story about hope and everything magical.
Short student film directed by Pavel Chodúr.

Keď so Smrťou kráča nádej (student film)

Short movie / Drama / Fantasy / Psychologic Slovensko, 2014, 21 min

Director: Pavel Chodúr Script: Pavel Chodúr Camera: Roman Gregorička Music: Franto Kormanak Actors: Michal Sitko, Ivona Feldmárová, Peter Ondrášek, Samuel Gögh, František Kyselica KSSKN_poster_v3_small


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